Friday, July 11, 2008

TWIT LIVE iPhone Coverage Is Fantastic!!!

Leo Laporte is doing a 24 hour live "iPhone-a-thon" over at TWIT Live.  

So far it has been a fantastic trip into the future of live media on the net.  He's using all the power of the web to create a "mobile command center" for iPhone news.  

As the show began on Thursday afternoon,  I had my doubts.  Everything seemed to not be working.  Leo was running through many hoops just to keep the show going, but he pulled it off.  Once most of the kinks had been worked out, the web responded.  As of 5:45 AM US Central Time on Friday, he has had over 200,000 people viewing him and has pretty much always maintained 2,000 -6,000 viewers at any one time.  

Leo has an incredible Rolodex of tech people to draw from.  The interviews have been fantastic, most notably with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (who spilled the beans that he "may or may not be married").  

The real star of the show seemed to be the incredible number of "average" people that Leo has talked to. From the people in line at Apple Stores all over the world, to scores of people with their new iPhones, Leo has talked to them all.  The show feels like his nationally syndicated radio show, only better.  Thanks to the power of the internet (and a ton of webcams) Leo can see and talk to viewers all over the world.  This is a tremendously powerful tool that I believe will set the stage for the how we view live content on the web in the next 5 years.

I believe that years from now, we will all sit back and realize that this was the launch of the first great media event on the net.  Who better to take us down this road that tech podcasting pioneer Leo Laporte? 

If you are reading this before 3PM US Central Time on Friday July 11th, you can still view the live stream at the TWIT LIVE website.

Thanks Leo, for the tremendous coverage.  Now go get some sleep.

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