Sunday, August 2, 2009


G-Force is really a movie that could stand on its own, even without the gigantic colossus of Disney's branding engine behind it.
The movie's rather implausible premise is typical James Bond fodder. Interestingly enough, the supposed main villain reminds me of Apple Inc.'s Steve Jobs. Could this have been in in joke for Disney's biggest shareholder (or more realistically, my mind over thinking things again)?
Fortunately the plot is overshadowed by the animation. The live action and animation were seamless. I really think that a few years ago, this sort of live/animation mix would have seemed groundbreaking. Now it just seems "natural".
Another strength of the movie is the voice talent. The various rodent based animals are voiced by an eclectic mix of actors. Nicholas Cage, Sam Rockwell, John Favreau, Penelope Cruz, Steve Buscemi, and Tracy Morgan all lend their voices to the animated characters. They do such a good job that I had no clue who any of the voices were until the end credits.
On its own, this movie is a rental fodder or for those of us that are tired of "Potter Mania" and want an alternative to entertain the kids.
But have to see it in 3D.....or so they tell me.
What is up with 3D nowadays? Every time a kids movie comes out, it has to be in "oh so glorious" 3D. My daughter spent more time playing with her glasses then watching the movie. I have seem four 3D movies in a row and every time I believe that the movie didn't need this 3D gimmick. It just detracts from the movie.
So, my suggestion is to go out and see it in the standard non-3D format. There would be a lot less distractions and a lot more fun.
Since Disney's a wank about sharing their trailers on the web, here's a link to the official trailer.


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