Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buffalo Phils: Better Food In My Garbage Disposal

My wife selected WI Dells as a location for our family getaway. I will be blogging about various locals and things we do along the way.

Since the buffet wasn't open in at night (see my earlier post), We decided to stick close to the lodge for supper. We drove right down the way and encountered the mammoth "Buffalo Phils".

I wasn't really in the mood for burgers and fries, especially after eating at the wonderful Cheese Factory, but it was close and we were hungry.

A lesson to the wise, don't let your stomach do the thinking. We should have figured out that this wasn't the best place in town due to the lack of cars in the parking lot around 5:00 PM.

The interior was very "country" which I don't particularly care for. When you throw in the unbearable Country music, it was a total buzzkill. The other big mistake was sitting out on the patio. My water soon tasted like cigarette smoke from the three "5 pack a dayers" that were chain smoking the whole time.

Now let's talk about the food. Or maybe I should use the phrase "pseudo" food. I'm just guessing here, but they must follow the Applebees's "nuke" methodology. Everything from the burger to the fries had NO TASTE. I could have sucked on ice cubes and got more taste (made especially true due to the cigarette smoke).

Since this was a BBQ joint, I thought that maybe the sauce would save me. That turned out not to be the case. The three sauces at our table were equally terrible. I really want to know what is in their sauces. My biggest guess is a TON of pickle juice from the bottom of a Vlassic pickle jar that has been shoved into corner and forgotten for two years.

The service was OK, but I really hate to have a waitperson come by every two minutes (probably due to the lack of people in the restaurant) and ask if "everything is OK". The nacho were the only saving grace for the whole meal. They were delicious. Even that was ruined however when our main course was presented to us FOUR MINUTES after our appitiser. It was almost like they wanted us out of there right away. The good news is that I really didn't want to waste my time there.

Buffalo Phils is located close to Interstate 90 so make sure to avoid it the next time you are passing through the Dells. There are a lot better places to experience than this.

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