Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pirates Cove Mini Golf and Family Fun Center

My wife selected WI Dells as a location for our family getaway.   I will be blogging about various locals and things we do along the way.
After hanging out in any resort, you eventually have to get out and explore your surroundings.  Unfortunately, we picked a really cold and windy way in Wisconsin Dells.  
This played to our favor while visiting Pirates Cove Mini Golf and Family Fun Center.  I especially was excited to play some mini golf.  It had been many years since I put mini putter to ball.  
If you have been to any other Pirates Cove Mini Golf (there is one in Rapid City, SD) you will be surprised to know that Wisconsin Dells has the LARGEST Pirates Cove!  It is indeed large.  There are five different 18 hole courses ranging from very easy to extremely difficult. The beautiful landscaping and elegant (though a bit too blue) waterfalls keep you visually captivated between putts.  
Since we had a four year old with us, I thought we should tackle the easy course.  My daughter had never been mini golfing before and it took her a few holes to get it down, but she finally started to understand.  The courses was indeed easy, but the last third of the course did a good job introducing us to some of the traditional challenges of a mini golf course.  The obstacles were always natural (rocks, water, and holes) vs. the generic windmill that I have seen at way too many mini golf courses.  
The best thing about this particular Pirates Cove was that after 18 holes of mini golf, you could visit the attached Family Fun Center.  There wasn't a whole lot of things to do at the Fun Center, but those that were there were great for kids.  The best by far was the "jumping pillow" that is like a jumper on steroids.  Ever get tired of only letting your kids jump in boring jumpers?  Now you can jump alongside them (see the movie from the Jumping Pillows website).  
You could spend an entire day at Pirates Cove.  It is truly fun for the whole family.  

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