Monday, August 31, 2009

Carvelli's Italian Buffet

My wife selected WI Dells as a location for our family getaway.   I will be blogging about various locals and things we do along the way.
As our vacation was winding down, we were really just looking to eat and run.  As we toured downtown Wisconsin Dells, we really weren't finding much that looked good.  Then we stumbled upon Carvelli's Italian Buffet.
Situated at the end of the "touristy area" of Broadway, Carvelli's looked inviting.  The staff welcomed us in and explained the menu.  The food is served buffet style, but is actually served by someone working behind the buffet, which I love.  It's such a "first world problem," but I hate it when I pay good money to have to get my own food at a restaurant.  
Carvelli's has a wide assortment of Italian/American food.  They take the novel approach of providing giant trays that are about the size of standard cafeteria trays.  This provides a lot of room, without the hassle of the dishes.  I especially loved the tortalini and vodka sauce.  They also have a lot of pizzas and other pastas.  Plus....canoli's for dessert (note: not part of the buffet).  
I have often commented that  there is a zone somewhere down the Midwest where good Italian food just doesn't exist.  The good news is that by visiting the Dells, I was able to cross the outer limit of the zone and find delectable Italian food once again.  
If you just want to sample some really good Italian food, take a trip down to Carvelli's.  Where you can have a lot of food for a very low price.  

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