Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Really Random Predictions: iPod Touch

Just read an interesting article by Jordon Golson entitled "Is the iPod Touch a Bigger Game Changer than the iPhone" on the wonderful GigaOm website.

I posted my predictions for what next weeks purported release of the new iPod Touch SHOULD be.  Just thought I would past my comments here since it seemed to be (somewhat) well constructed.

Let me know what you think.

I think that the killer hardware updates for the iPod Touch should be a camera and a GPS. 
If Apple could do a test deal with Verizon to market the Touch with MIFI like capabilities for even $60 a month, I think that millions would flock from the iPhone to the Touch.  This would allow Apple to move away from AT&T (which would make the FCC happy) while still honoring their existing contract.  This would provide a rich testing ground for the rumored tablet.  It would also be a win for those Apps in the store that are more "IPhone only" to be used on the touch (such as the newly released TOM TOM GPS app).
Let's face it, we deal more with emails and twitter now then phone calls.  We need an internet communicator, not a phone.  I'm perfectly happy to carry my slim phone in my pocket while I use my Touch for everything else.

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