Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wisconsin Dells Adventure: Great Wolf Lodge

My wife selected WI Dells as a location for our family getaway.   I will be blogging about various locals and things we do along the way.
Great Wolf Lodge
According to their website, the Great Wolf Lodge seems to be the most "child friendly" lodge.  It boasts a giant indoor water park (that actually seems to be three distinct water parks) as well as an outdoor component.  
I can definitely say that this is a place that tries really hard to cater to children.  From the kid friendly staff, to the art center, to the 8 PM story time, the lodge manages to distract kids and allow them to do more than just swim.  
The standard rooms are average and nothing to write home about.  For some reason, I have an inherent bias of hotel rooms that don't have a flat panel TV (but that's just me).  For considerably more money, you can get a specialty family suite that boasts its own built in log cabin sleeping area for the kids.  
There are a variety of places to eat in the resort, however I find the lack of a "fine dining" restaurant a bit distressing.  I have to remind myself that this is the midwest and pizza and all you can eat buffets are king.  The "Camp Critter" breakfast buffet is awesome and not too expensive.  The biggest drawback in my eyes is that after lunch, "Camp Critter" turns into a "Pizza Hut" for the dinner crowd.  
The cost is a bit high for a comparable non-midwestern local, but with the right combination of discounts and coupons, Great Wolf Lodge is affordable and VERY kid friendly.  

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